Onya H2o Drinks Bottle 750ml - Blue

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Onya H2o Drinks Bottle 750ml - Blue

Price: £9.50

The water bottle you can use time and time again!

Simply fill the bottle from your own tap and take it with you.

Made from food-grade 304 stainless steel

No leaching of chemicals into your water

Tough and toxin-free

Bisphenol A free

Easy to use flip lid

Easy to clean


Robust & stylish

Supplied in a cylindrical cardboard tube

Bottled water is costly for you and the environment.

Did you know? Some brands of bottled water come straight from a tap! It's acceptable for a supplier to fill bottles from a tap as long as they make the source of the water known somewhere on the label.

Cleanskin neoprene jackets are available for Onya drinks bottles

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