Glass Bubble Hanging (M) - Bird by Natalie Aird

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Glass Bubble Hanging (M) - Bird

Price: £12.75

by Natalie Aird

Little bird on a branch with the sun in the sky!

This beautiful glass ornament will add sparkle to any room in the house.

The blue copper-based paint reacts with the heat in the kiln and produces the effervescent bubble effect which gives the design an added dimension and some extra sparkle!

Each ornament is individually hand-crafted and although similar to those of the same design, slight variations will occur, making each piece unique but every bit as lovely!

Size: H15cm x W 5cm

Hand-crafted & kiln-formed

Made in Scotland

Tip: Hang the ornament in front of a window as a decorative means of deterring birds from flying into the window pane.

Did you know? Glass is one of the most eco-friendly products around - it can be recycled time and time again without degrading in quality!

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