If You Care Aluminium Foil (100% Recycled)

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If You Care Aluminium Foil (100% Recycled)

Price: £2.85

Kitchen Foil

Traditional foil manufacturing is a power-intensive process - If You Care recycled foil uses 95% less energy in its production process. Because there is no need to mine, IYC production creates less waste and reuses a precious resource.

If your local recycling centre accepts aluminium foil, IYC foil can be recycled again!

Size: L 15.5m x W 30cm

Protects food against light, oxygen, humidity and bacteria

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans



100% recycled aluminum

95% energy savings

Can be recycled over and over again

Minimum waste

Unbleached recycled cardboard packaging

Vegetable-based inks for printing

Non-toxic glues

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