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BioBag is the original Corn Starch bag and the world's biggest brand of certified biodegradable and compostable bags and films. Made from Mater-Bi® (corn starch) - a natural and renewable raw material which contains no polyethylene.

All BioBag products are certified to BS EN13432 European standard and are manufactured sustainably at facilities certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

BioBags breathe without leaking - this unique benefit allows heat and moisture to evaporate, which keeps food fresher for longer and means no soggy food-waste mess or odours in your kitchen caddy. Using an air-vented caddy is recommended for maximum effect.

BioBags are fully biodegradable which means that they will break down or degrade as a result of naturally-occurring micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi and algae.

BioBags are fully compostable. To be classified as compostable, the degradation must meet certain specified criteria such as rate of biodegradation, maximum residue of material left at a specific point in time and a requirement for the material to have no harmful impact on the final compost or the composting process. All compostable plastic is therefore also biodegradable.

Measurements are given for the Width and Height of each bag. Where a third measurement is given, such as Depth, this refers to the size of the gussett of the bag. You should choose a BioBag where
Width + Depth x 2 = the circumference of your caddy or bin.

Always allow for a reasonable turnover at the top to hold your BioBag in place. If your bag doesn't sit on the base of your caddy or bin, you are using the wrong size!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to other commitments, we are no longer selling this lovely range of compostable and biodegradable BioBag products.

As a result, we are also no longer able to supply you with sample bags. Please DO NOT send stamped, addressed envelopes requesting samples. Apologies for any inconvenience!

Other websites show postage-inclusive prices - why don’t you?
We like to keep our prices fair and transparent.

By keeping the item and postage costs separate, you can see exactly what you pay for the item and the service.

Councils throughout the UK issue widely varying sizes of kitchen caddy - for this very reason, the 8ltr BioBag we stock is slightly wider than most normal 8ltr bags and fits a wider range of Council food-waste caddies. Before placing your order, please take a moment to check the bag dimensions on our shop listing to ensure that the bags will fit your caddy.

SORRY! As previously mentioned, we are now no longer selling this range of products.

WE ARE NO LONGER A DISTRIBUTOR OF BIOBAGS and we can therefore no longer fulfill trade or retail orders. In the first instance, please contact the BioBag importer based in Preston, England for trade and retail orders Email: moc.ku-gaboib|nyrhtak#moc.ku-gaboib|nyrhtak

Image of Bio Bag Info
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