Brain Bites Quiz Game - Dinosaurs

product_id: '17062255'
name: 'Brain Bites Quiz Game - Dinosaurs'
description: "Do you know your Baryonyx from your Brachiosaurus? \n\nThe portable little quiz game that packs into its tin and can be taken with you anywhere! \n\nIn this quirky quiz each card refers to either a dinosaur or the era in which these magnificent creatures lived - be the first to fill your brain with brain cells in this game for all the family! \n\nThe first to fill their brain card is the winner! \n\nAge 5+ \n\n2 or more players or teams \n\nTin size: 142mm x 110mm x 40mm \n\nContents: \n\n57 Quiz cards \n\n6 Brain cards \n\n6 Score markers \n\n1 Rules card \n\nMade and assembled in the UK \n\nProduct is recyclable \n\n"
image: ''
price: '5.50'

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