Brain Bites Quiz Game - Myths & Legends

product_id: '17062248'
name: 'Brain Bites Quiz Game - Myths & Legends'
description: "Do you know your Minotaur from your Medusa? \n\nMyths and Legends: we've all heard them before, but how well do you remember them? \n\nIn this quirky quiz each card refers to a famous myth or legend - be the first to fill your brain with brain cells in this game for all the family! \n\nThe first to fill their brain card is the winner! \n\n \n\nAge 8+ \n\n2 or more players or teams \n\nTin size: 142mm x 110mm x 40mm \n\n \n\nContents: \n\n \n\n57 Quiz cards \n\n06 Brain cards \n\n06 Score markers \n\n01 Rules card \n\n \n\n \n\nCards made in the UK \n\n \n\n \n\nProduct recyclable \n\n"
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price: '7.99'

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