Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap

product_id: '16355777'
name: 'Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap'
description: 'Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)

Educational and a great way to interest kids in plants - also an ideal little novelty gift too.

A hungry little plant with a hearty appetite for insects and spiders. The Venus Fly Trap is a carniverous plant that traps its prey when tiny sensitive hairs on its leaves are triggered.

Pop the soil tablet into the pot and add a splash of water to watch the pot fill up with soil - almost as much fun as the anticipation of the first little plant bursting through the soil and taking on that recognisable Venus Fly Trap shape!


1 x pk of seeds

1 x terracotta starter plant pot

1 x compost soil tablet

Sowing instructions

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