Soap Quartet - Exotic

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name: 'Soap Quartet - Exotic'
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Tropical and aromatic…

This Exotic gift pack contains 4 popular tropically-fragranced soaps

Almond: wonderfully aromatic

Coconut: rich, creamy, indulgent and perfect for those long soaks

Vanilla: relax and unwind after a hard day

Peppermint & Poppyseed: minty fresh and made with peppermint essential oil and gently exfoliating poppy seeds

All of these soaps are long lasting, rich and creamy, and all retain the naturally moisturising glycerine which is used in all moisturising products.



cruelty-free & BUAV approved

Vegan Society registered

made with certified sustainable palm oil

size: 4 x 80g bars

gift box 100% recycled & recyclable

made in England

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price: '5.75'

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