Soap Quartet - Garden

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name: 'Soap Quartet - Garden'
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Floral bouquets from garden, meadow & hedgerow

Elderflower & Apple: the wonderful aroma offreshEnglish apples and the properties of Elderflower which is a good tonic reputed to soften your skin.

Rose: a rich garden rose scent withhandfulsof Rose Petals to help gently cleanse and soften your skin.

Camomile: wonderfully rich in Camomile flowers - a soothing herb that softens your skin.

Lavender: made with pure Lavender essential oil and Lavender flowers to soothe, heal and cleanse the mind and body.

All of these soaps are long lasting, rich and creamy, and all retain the naturally moisturising glycerine which is used in all moisturising products.



cruelty-free & BUAV approved

Vegan Society registered

made with certified sustainable palm oil

size: 4 x 80g bars

gift box 100% recycled & recyclable

made in England

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price: '5.75'

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