DVD - Orangutan Diary (Series 1)

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name: 'DVD - Orangutan Diary (Series 1)'
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The BBC's Orangutan Diary…taking care of the relatives.

Presented by Michaela Strachan and Steve Leonard.

Michaela and Steve spend a moving and inspirational week at an orangutan rehabilitation centre revealing the most loveable orphans, gripping life-or-death rescue cases and the heart-breaking plight of these charming creatures

This first series of Orangutan Diary, filmed at Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundations' Nyaru Menteng centre, introduces us to Kesi, Lomon, Grendon, and many others as they are rescued from the vanishing rainforest. Their carers set about rehabilitating them through their first steps into Forest School 1.

Looking for a special gift? Why not team this up with the Freedom book and complete the story with the book and dvd together?

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Main sountrack: English

Disc format: DVD9

Feature length: 150 mins approx

Region: 2+4 Colour PAL UK

Subtitles: English for the Hard of Hearing

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