Bamboo Candle - Coconut 100% Soy Wax

product_id: '15344971'
name: 'Bamboo Candle - Coconut'
description: "An ideal little gift for many occasions! \n\nThe natural bamboo pot is filled with clean-burning 100% high grade soy wax. \n\nMore substantial than a tea light yet small enough to sit anywhere in the home and add a simple touch of tropical charm and fresh fragrance. \n\nAvailable in several tempting fragrances… \n\nburn time approx 10-12 hrs \napprox size 65-75mm diameter \n100% natural scent \nunbleached cotton wick \nhandcrafted in Thailand \nfairly traded \nunpackaged \n\nThe bamboo is bought from family-owned bamboo farms in northern Thailand where bamboo grows naturally.\n \nDid you know? \n\nBamboos are some of the fastest-growing plants in the world and some species of bamboo have been known to grow a remarkable 100cm in 24 hours!\""
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price: '3.95'

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