Love the Planet Moisture Cream 50g - Tea Tree

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name: 'Love the Planet Moisture Cream 50g - Tea Tree'
description: "An important part of any skincare regime!\n Tea Tree Moisture Cream will help keep your skin fresh and supple without feeling greasy. Containing pure tea tree essential oil (a natural antiseptic) this lightly whipped cream is rich in cocoa butter and vitamin E and is suitable for use on the face and hands.\nComplements Love the Planet's Tea Tree & Lavender Cleanser\n\nNo petroleum-based ingredients\nContains organic Aloe Vera\nSuitable for Vegetarians & Vegans\nNot tested on animals (BUAV-approved)\nMade in Scotland\n\nIngredients: aqua (water), aloe barbandensis (organic aloe vera), prunus amygdalus (sweet almond oil), sodium stearoyl lactylate (vegetable based emulsifier), oleo europaea (olive oil), glyceryl stearate (vegetable based emulsifier, Soil Association approved), theobroma cacao (cocoa butter), cetyl alcohol (plant wax), glycerin (vegetable based), tocopherol (vitamin E), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree essential oil), phenoxyethanol benzyl alcohol potassium sorbate lactic acid (mild preservative system)"
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price: '6.25'

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