Coconut Shell Candle - Mango

product_id: '15344833'
name: 'Coconut Shell Candle - Mango'
description: "Tropical and fruity\n \nA natural candle made from 100% high grade soy wax which burns slowly and very cleanly. Enjoy it in your home or garden as a floating or standing candle!\n \nAvailable in several tempting tropical fragrances.\n \n burn time approx 30 hrs\n 100% natural scent\n unbleached cotton wick\n handcrafted in Thailand\n fairly traded\n recycled cardboard box & printed with soy ink\n \nThe coconut husks are bought from farmers in Thailand who would otherwise burn them. \n \nDid you know?\n100% natural soy wax is renewable, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and also biodegradable.\n \nMany candles are marketed as soy wax candles as they only need to contain a relatively small percentage of soy wax to be so called. They also contain many of the nasty elements which make them potentially harmful."
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price: '9.00'

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